Keeping quality

Special characteristics

Magical hydrangeas really do perform magic. The voluminous flowers change colour three to four times during the course of a single year, resulting in a spectacular garden display. The ‘magical’ Farmer’s hydrangea has strong branches that help keep the garden plant from drooping during heavy or lengthy showers. Above all, the hydrangea is a beautiful plant, ideal for both new and seasoned gardeners.

A powerhouse among hydrangeas

Hydrangeas with the Magical label are carefully selected and grown especially for you. Besides the colour-changing characteristic, the plant’s long vase life is a perceptible asset. The sturdy stems hold sturdy flowers that can withstand rain and hold their looks, even in bright sunlight. On top of all that, they continue to bloom long into the autumn!

Cultivation of the Magical Four Seasons selection takes place in 3.5, 4, 5 and 10-litre pot sizes. You can buy the plants from March to the end of September.