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Magical Coral blue

Qua colour, the flower of this powerhouse plant somewhat resembles that of the Magical Amethyst, but its petals are slightly more spherical. The Magical Coral gets its name from the precious coral gemstone with its powerful action. According to legend, coral helps people open their hearts so they can more easily appreciate the beauty of love – love for gardening, certainly! That goes without saying when this ‘beauty’ adorns your garden.

With proper care you can enjoy this richly flowering Magical hydrangea well into the autumn. It’s something that every flower lover can enjoy!


  • A green, firm flower with blue detailing
  • Robust, with good resistance to sun, rain and frost
  • The flower colour changes to green with a lilac crest
  • Exceptional quality, retains its beauty for six months
  • Available in 3.5, 5 and 10-litre pots


Magical colour change