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Magical Wings

Magical Wings derives its name from the shape of its petals. They are somewhat larger than those of other hydrangeas in the Magical series, in the shape of a small wing. The flowers of the Magical Wings start in a light green colour, following which some of the petals slowly gradually turn white. Ultimately, the crests of the flowers take on a deep-red colour. The result is a grand autumnal display of garden colours.

With proper care you can enjoy this richly flowering Magical hydrangea well into the autumn. It’s something that every flower lover can enjoy!


  • White/soft green flower
  • Good resistance to rain and frost
  • The flower changes colour to white with a red crest
  • Exceptional quality, retains its beauty for six months
  • Available in 3.5, 4, 5 and 10-litre pots


  • White

Magical colour change