Keeping quality

Plant care

The hydrangeas from the Magical selection are cultivated with care by our growers. That’s why these plants also deserve the best of care in your garden. With the right care, the hydrangeas will change colour during the flowering period and transform into magnificent autumn tints. Below are several tips:


The Magical hydrangeas thrive best in warm locations with plenty of shade. Do not plant a hydrangea too close to a tree. The tree roots will dominate at the expense of nutrients for your hydrangea.


Magical hydrangeas do not like dry roots. Hydrangeas in pots – as well as during full growth during hot spells – the plant needs water regularly. When watering it, keep the flowers dry and test the water permeability of the soil.

In bloom

The Magical hydrangea, which can grow 100-cm tall, blooms from May to November. During this period the flower changes colour – from a clear to a glorious autumn tint. A flower for all seasons!


There is really no need to trim the Magical hydrangeas. Just removing the spent flowers is sufficient. If the hydrangea is growing in a warm climate, you should remove the old flowers immediately after the flowering period. If it is in a cooler climate, you should trim the plant in the spring – just before the hydrangea flowers. Only remove the spent flowers and leave the new buds in place.


Besides lots of water, hydrangeas also require extra fertilisation. For this purpose you can use organic universal fertilisers. Add fertilisers two or three times during the flowering season. As a result, the hydrangea will grow into a healthy, evenly-growing plant with many flowers.

Retaining the blue colour

Did you know that the blue hydrangea derives its colour partly from the soil composition? The flowers will only turn blue if the plant is in acid soil and aluminium sulphate or potassium alum has been added. If you would like to retain the attractive blue colour every year, you should scatter the soil with aluminium sulphate or potassium alum in the first half of September. Thereby ensure that the sulphate is not poured onto the foliage or flowers. This product can be obtained from most garden centres.